Elisabeth Meinecke

This is a gorgeous write-up in Commentary about a program that allows military members to read books via video to their children. The program is called “United Through Reading."

"Most ships, many forward operating bases, and many other facilities are now fitted with cameras in which moms and dads serving theiur country can read from a book they’ve brought from home, or pick a children’s book from the facility’s library, and read on video directly to their child. Usually, the chaplains from across the services and denominations will manage the children’s library which “United Through Reading” provides, and manage sign-ups for camera time. United Through Reading then will arrange for the various DVDs to be sent to each child’s home.

People whose sons and daughters were born when they were abroad will talk about how their children recognized their voices in a room full of crowded people because they had heard them read every night, even while they were away."

How amazing is that?

Elisabeth Meinecke

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