Conn Carroll

Posted November 26, 2014

Congressional Research Service says Republicans can defund Obama Amnesty

Posted November 25, 2014

Do Americans want more or less government?

Posted November 24, 2014

Sucks when your OLC memo done gets blowed up.

Posted November 21, 2014

Everything You Need To Know About Obama's Executive Amnesty

Posted November 20, 2014

A response to the White House's amnesty talking points.

Posted November 19, 2014

Americans already hate Obama's amnesty.

Posted November 18, 2014

Why is this Republicans working with Obama to give illegal immigrants amnesty?

Posted November 18, 2014

Fund everything but Obama's amnesty.

Posted November 14, 2014

If Marco Rubio wants to be the 2016 Republican nominee, he is going to have to win the party's trust on immigration. Here is his chance.

Posted November 13, 2014

We'll know very quickly whether or not Republicans are serious about checking President Obama's abuse of power.

Posted November 12, 2014

If you're going to amnesty 4 million illegal immigrants, why not amnesty all of them?

Posted November 11, 2014

Democrats lost on Tuesday because their party is out of ideas.

Posted November 11, 2014

It may not be a federal issue yet, but the success of the sharing economy is undermining one of Big Governments key justifications.

Posted November 10, 2014

President Obama's executive amnesty would be an unprecedented abuse of executive power.

Posted November 07, 2014

Obama's amnesty lost on Tuesday.

Posted November 06, 2014

Will House Republicans fight for the voters that just elected them?

Posted November 05, 2014

Americans voted for higher minimum wages yesterday, but not a higher minimum wage.

Posted November 05, 2014

The 2014 Republican wave looks a lot like the 2010 wave.

Posted November 05, 2014

Amnesty or bipartisanship? The choice is Obama's.

Posted November 04, 2014

Gov. Scott Walker wins again.