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"Moral philosophy, he said, should be accorded the same treatment as religious belief." ... more

Christine Rousselle - Tue Feb 3

When one thinks of a pro-life activist, rarely does one imagine a girl with teal-colored hair. But shortly before the 42nd March for Life began on the National Mall, a group of self-described non-traditional pro-life activists were meeting at the Smithsonian Castle to launch #ProLifeAllies. ... more

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"This movement appeals to the noblest instinct in the human heart. Which is that life matters, that life is worth it, and that the other person is worth it, no matter how difficult the circumstances." ... more

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President Obama calls abortion "a fundamental American value." ... more

Conn Carroll - Thu Jan 22

Obama threatens to veto taxpayer funded abortion ban. ... more

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A large percentage of these people come in groups, and if it’s one things groups love, it’s matching apparel. ... more

Christine Rousselle - Wed Jan 22

This should clear up any questions regarding Pope Francis' views on abortion. ... more

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