Julian Assange on Townhall

Kevin Williams - Mon Nov 11

Heather Ginsberg - Sun Aug 18

Another stupid moment from the liberal media. Yesterday a TIME magazine reporter started a twitter war over a nasty tweet concerning Julian Assange. ... more

Alexandra Ladas - Sun Jul 21

The Fifth Estate is an upcoming thriller film about the life of Julian Assange, creator of the website WikiLeaks, and his partner Daniel Domscheit-Berg. ... more

Diana West - Fri Dec 14

Some thoughts about Army Pfc. Bradley Manning's pretrial hearing, which concluded this week. ... more

Rich Galen - Fri Jun 22

Lots of things for a Friday morning. This week marked the first day of summer in Your Nation's Capital. We had a temps in the high 90's to mark the occasion. A lovely young woman from the office said we missed Spring. I said, "No we didn't. We had Spring in January." I got that kind of look that 65 year-old-man gets from a 20-something woman who is begging the elevator to go faster. ... more

Mona Charen - Fri Jun 22

They always get the benefit of the doubt, these America haters -- from our enemies, of course. But also from our celebrities, our "mainstream" press and other organs of liberal opinion. ... more

AP News - Wed Nov 2

AP News - Mon Oct 31

Rachel Alexander - Wed Sep 28

Owners of popular conservative websites have increasing reason to be concerned their sites may be hacked or otherwise physically attacked for political reasons. ... more

Rich Galen - Mon Jun 13

The State of Alaska dumped 13,000 emails - about 24,000 pages - generated during the brief period of Sarah Palin's gubernatorial career. ... more

Caroline Glick - Tue Mar 15

Ruth Fogel was in the bathroom when the Palestinian terrorists pounced on her husband Udi and their three-month-old daughter Hadas, slitting their throats as they lay in bed on Friday night in their home in Itamar. ... more

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