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The New York Times is known as the paper of record. At some time in history, having a paper that practiced actual journalism was important. Almost, valuable, one could say. But now, journalism is left for the bloggers, and the bravest of souls in the MSM (that's a Sheryl Attkisson/Mark Knoller/Jake Tapper shout out right there!) These days, the Times isn't interested in journalism, but sheer propaganda and name calling, and promoting the meme of racism in the name of their elitist beliefs

The latest missive of disinformation comes from the paper's op-ed pages. (One could argue that an op-ed is not journalism. But this is the same paper that referred to President Obama's repeated lies of, "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan" as an "incorrect promise," which came just after the editorial board stated that President simply "misspoke." Op-eds ARE journalism to them. Also, to misspeak is to tell your wife you were at the store when you were really at a strip club. Nope, that's a lie, too....but a lie that saves a lot more people than Obamacare ever will!)

In this op-ed Thomas Edsall, a professor of "journalism" at Columbia University, takes his swipe at Obamacare - where swipe means defense based on elitist desire. He writes of the difficulties to create a site like; the work and cooperation between multiple government agencies that were never designed to work together. He speaks of how the failure of the Obamacare roll out might affect, as Charles Krauthammer said (with much more clarity and efficacy,) the future of liberalism. If the idea (as bad as it is) of Obamacare can not be implemented, how, then, can a world dedicated to the concept of big government come to pass? Yes, Obamacare's failure is blow for liberalism, now and in the future.

Then, he goes where all the lesser minds of Progressivism/Liberalism go - to racism. Edsall opines: (emphasis mine)

Tony Katz

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