Steve Deace

Posted December 22, 2014

My annual predictions for the New Year, which are probably going to be wrong but fun to read anyway.

Posted December 13, 2014

Bad theology, as well as a failure to recognize what words like justice and evil actually mean, prompts us to once again have more sympathy for the devil than he has for us.

Posted December 06, 2014

Lincoln is still right: a house divided against itself cannot stand. Our generation will see either revolution or revival.

Posted November 29, 2014

How should principled conservatives react to Dr. Ben Carson's looming presidential run?

Posted November 22, 2014

Its time for Republicans to stop suing Obama, and start stopping him before its too late.

Posted November 15, 2014

Lets hope some recent comments by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice become a trend for Republicans when the conversation turns to race.

Posted November 08, 2014

An Open Letter to Democrats Who Love America. When youve lost my mom, youve lost the country.

Posted November 01, 2014

When your best life now puts you on the highway to Hell, and becoming a better you makes the demons rejoice.

Posted October 25, 2014

What happens when a simple Midwesterner gets the chance to engage America's new tyranny on their own turf.

Posted October 16, 2014

Leave it to Ted Cruz to once again set the right example for Republicans. Pointing out its the Left whos really guilty of a war on women.

Posted October 11, 2014

Death in and of itself is an indignity. But in death we can find the meaning of life.

Posted October 04, 2014

The 2014 election lacks energy, but it doesnt lack importance. Perhaps the final two foundations of whats left of our precious constitutional republic are on the line.

Posted September 27, 2014

Everywhere I go it seems folks can't wait for the 2014 election to be over with, but can't wait for the 2016 election to get started.

Posted September 20, 2014

Some questions for our nations top diplomat-turned-theologian as he seeks to promote real Islam.

Posted September 13, 2014

Would engaging and eliminating ISIS militarily be considered a just war? Let's look at the seven components of "just war theory" and see if confronting ISIS crosses that threshold.

Posted September 06, 2014

Sure, polls show voters are the least enthusiastic ever about an election. But that's only because they haven't yet been exposed to the sheer brilliance the wondrous GOP consultant class has prepared for them this fall.

Posted August 29, 2014

We now know how the Democrats plan to avoid an anti-Obama tidal wave in November. By counting on Republican Party leadership to betray conservatives yet again.

Posted August 23, 2014

The Left keeps using words like rights, law, and tolerance. I do not think those words mean what they think they mean.

Posted August 14, 2014

Promise me sons (and daughters) not to do the things we’ve done. Walk away from trouble if you can. Here are five keys to working smart if you’re going to get into politics.

Posted August 07, 2014

This week the libertarian senator sat down with a group of key pastors who have a major say in who wins Iowa’s first in the nation caucuses. One of the attendees goes on the record about how it went.