Steve Deace

Each week we will take some time go through my 10 Commandments of Political Warfare from my new book Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again. My 10 Commandments of Political Warfare provide a blueprint for defeating the Statist Marxist Left in America.

However, before we can devise a plan to defeat our opponent, we must first know our opponent.

The Statist Marxist Left in America is propped up by a four-legged stool. If you do not cut off the legs of this stool you cannot defeat them. If a candidate for office you’re supporting doesn’t at least threaten one of these stools, they’re a waste of your time. If you’re supporting a candidate that enables any of these four stools, you’re supporting your opponent.

The child-killing industry: Abortion is the oldest and most lucrative revenue stream to the American Left. On average, about 4,000 babies are killed via abortion in America each day, and the average cost is about $500 per kill. That’s $2 million dollars per day, and if you multiply that by 365 days a year you come up with a $730 million annual industry that produces a lot of potential Democratic Party donations from Planned Parenthood, the leading child-killer in the country.

Now you know why Democrats will sell-out racial and ethnic minorities as well as UAW or Teamster’s workers they claim to represent, but never sell-out the child killers. There’s gold in them dismembered babies.

Without access to the money produced by the child-killing industry, the American Left disintegrates. Especially when you realize that an organization like Planned Parenthood, in addition to being the largest child killer in our nation, is also a mechanism to divert millions of dollars to its political arm -- the Planned Parenthood Action Fund -- that is nothing less than a shill for liberal Democrat candidates and legislation.

Steve Deace

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