Imagine this: January 20, 2017, Hillary Clinton stands before Chief Justice John Roberts on the west front of the U.S. Capitol Building and takes the oath of office as the 45th President of the United States.

President Clinton then approaches the podium to address the American people, captivating her audience with assurances that all will be fine and that their collective pain will soon be eased.

She will declare that her unique understanding of the issues facing Americans will enable her to fashion ideas and programs destined to succeed in moving America out of the doldrums of the past several years and into a new age of prosperity.

But that isn’t exactly what is going to happen.

Hillary Clinton may or may not be elected president in 2016, but one thing that seems certain is that if she is elected she will likely preside over a continuation of the same ineffectual policies that have come to define President Obama’s tenure in office.

Hillary Clinton has consistently marched in lock-step with President Obama on nearly all of his major policy initiatives since joining his administration in 2009: An emasculated foreign policy that has seen American stature and influence diminish throughout the world and a vapid economic strategy that has sown over-regulation and uncertainty into the economic lexicon and seemingly enshrined high unemployment and impalpable growth as the new norm.

On the foreign policy front, the president's failures have even begun to rile his supporters on the Left. A recent speech delivered by President Obama at West Point drew the scorn of the New York Times editorial page, a paper not often inclined to heap criticisms on the president.

Although his speech was labeled as a “big moment,” the Times instead found it to be “largely uninspiring,” and lacking “strategic sweep.” Instead of offering a clearer path for the United States moving forward, President Obama relied on “hackneyed phrases.”

Hillary Clinton’s interconnectedness with the president’s foreign policy failures, especially those endured while Clinton served as Secretary of State (read: Benghazi) not only continue to dog the putative 2016 presidential nominee but they offer the best approximation of what the American people can expect from a Clinton presidency.

Scott Erickson

Scott Erickson holds a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice Studies from the University of Cincinnati. In addition to his law enforcement duties, Scott has collaborated extensively with The Heritage Foundation. Frequently contributing to Heritage’s blog, The Foundry, Scott has focused on issues of national security, including foreign terrorist organizations, law enforcement, and missile defense. He has also co-authored several reports at Heritage: A Comprehensive Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) System Requires Action; Changing Today’s Law Enforcement Culture to Face 21st-Century Threats; and the newly released report: Lessons from Benghazi: Investigation Leaves Important Questions Unanswered.

Scott’s writing has been featured in The Washington Times, The Daily Caller, The Hill, Defense News, and other publications.