Robert Bluey

Posted June 01, 2008

When lawmakers return to Capitol Hill this week, a group of House Republicans known as the FIT Force will unveil an effort to expose Washington waste.

Posted May 18, 2008

Exactly one year after angering conservatives with an amnesty bill for illegal aliens, Sen. John McCain managed to fire up the right again last week.

Posted May 11, 2008

The Labor Department’s seven-year effort to improve financial reporting and disclosure by unions could come to a screeching halt once President Bush leaves office.

Posted May 04, 2008

Talk about bad timing. Gas prices are spiking and U.S. energy policy is contributing to skyrocketing food costs.

Posted February 24, 2008

A congressional Web site devoted to spending reform may soon fall victim to a nearly 10-year-old House rule governing online activity. If the Web site is axed, it will serve as an embarrassing example of just how behind the times our lawmakers are.

Posted February 17, 2008

Just when it appeared House Republicans had turned the corner on earmark reform, party leaders did the unthinkable. They picked pork-loving Rep. Jo Bonner (R-Ala.) for the vacant seat on the Appropriations Committee.

Posted February 03, 2008

Seven minutes into his final State of the Union address, President Bush declared war on earmarks. It took him seven years and came after significant expense to taxpayers, but it was a sign that official Washington might finally be waking up to the problems of pork-barrel politics.

Posted January 27, 2008

The U.S. treasury secretary did such a poor job representing the White House in negotiations on the economic stimulus deal, it wasn’t clear if Paulson was purposely trying to help House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or simply unaccustomed to how business is done in Washington.

Posted January 20, 2008

President Bush doesn’t like to admit he’s made mistakes. But if White House chatter about an economic stimulus package is true, the president is about to repeat a misstep made early in his first term.

Posted January 13, 2008

Members of Congress return to Washington this week $4,100 richer. During their three-week vacation, the annual cost-of-living adjustment kicked in, bringing the salary of a congressman to $169,300.

Posted January 06, 2008

All eyes will be on New Hampshire Wednesday morning for the first true primary in the 2008 elections. But even as hardy New Englanders trudge to the polls, something at least as consequential will happening in Washington, D.C.

Posted December 30, 2007

Earmarks were supposed to be a thing of the past for Republicans after allegations of corruption cost the GOP control of Congress in 2006.

Posted December 23, 2007

The federal government’s union watchdog agency will have to get by on less next year. The mammoth omnibus spending bill passed last week hacks nearly $3 million from the Office of Labor Management Standards -- a small gift for Big Labor just in time for Christmas.

Posted December 16, 2007

Feeling pressure to wrap up work on 11 of the 12 unfinished appropriations bills that fund the federal government, congressional Democrats will push this week to pass a mammoth omnibus spending package just in time for Christmas.

Posted December 09, 2007

Sen. Jim DeMint is as frustrated as anyone on Capitol Hill about Congress’s failure to wrap up work on the federal budget. The South Carolina Republican has a simple plan to save taxpayers $31 billion.

Posted December 02, 2007

CNN had an opportunity to shine as co-host of last week’s Republican presidential debate. Instead, the network faltered.

Posted November 18, 2007

Ask Clarence Thomas what he enjoys doing and he’ll tell you about driving his RV across America or cheering for his beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers. That hardly sounds like the life of a U.S. Supreme Court justice, but in the case of Thomas, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Posted November 10, 2007

Free trade has fallen on hard times in America. With commentators such as CNN's Lou Dobbs promoting protectionism and liberal politicians pandering to Big Labor, the tide has clearly turned.

Posted November 04, 2007

Congressional Republicans have tried hard this year to reclaim the GOP’s traditional “brand” as the party of fiscal responsibility. They’re about to face a test that will show whether their rhetoric matches reality.

Posted November 02, 2007

CNN had an opportunity to shine as co-host of last week’s Republican presidential debate. Instead, the network faltered with millions watching.