Rich Tucker

In the last week, story after story informed us that our nation had passed a critical milestone because of the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama. And indeed, Americans have been taking great leaps forward.

But the crashing sound you may have heard wasn’t the shattering of a glass ceiling -- it was the sudden collapse of several liberal canards.

The first thing to go is the idea that liberals stand for democracy. Well, no.

Liberals stand for winning (and there’s nothing wrong with that in politics) through any means necessary. Back in 2000, when Al Gore needed Florida’s electoral votes to become president, the liberal mantra was “count every vote.” But Gore supporters were more than happy to toss out absentee ballots from overseas military personnel, since those were, presumably, votes for George W. Bush.

Then-TIME magazine columnist Margaret Carlson sounded the perfect liberal note when she told the Imus in the Morning radio show that it would be a shame if military ballots were a factor, because “Here we will have possibly a bunch of tax dodgers deciding the election.”

Tax dodgers, eh? Well, that’s one way to describe our men and women serving overseas (many of whom choose to live in Florida because there’s no income tax, and because the weather is awesome), although probably not the best way. Most of us would describe them as patriotic Americans, selflessly risking their lives on our behalf. If anybody’s vote should be counted, it’s a military member’s vote.

In any event, 2000 was 2000, and 2008 is a very different year. This year, Democratic Party leaders in Florida decided to hold their primary earlier than the national party wanted them to. So the Democratic National Committee effectively disenfranchised the entire state. Imagine that: From “count every vote” to “no vote counts” in just eight years.

Of course, it’s untenable to tell millions of people their votes were for naught, so party leaders huddled in Washington (where else?) to solve the problem. Their compromise puts another liberal canard to rest.

Since the foundation of the Republic, lefties have complained about the constitutional compromise that, for population reasons, counted slaves as three-fifths of a person. That idea’s been deployed over and over to supposedly prove that the United States was grounded in racism, and that nothing good can come from that foul soil.

Rich Tucker

Rich Tucker is a communications professional and a columnist for