Neal Boortz


Well, I think he can relax.  Pretty sure, actually.  

Governor Scott Walker is facing a recall election in Wisconsin as a result of a pretty impressive union petition drive.  Unions aren’t happy about losing some of their collective bargaining rights and actually having to pony up almost as much as private sector workers for their health insurance.  Oh! The humanity!  But I’m going on record here (oh yeah, Boortz on the record; now THAT’S news) saying that Scott Walker will win, as will the people of Wisconsin.

You’re right in wanting a little analysis here to go along with my prediction, and I’m only happy to oblige.  The problem the Wisconsin unions have in bringing about a successful recall election is rooted in the very way they managed to get enough petitions signed to bring about the election in the first place.  It’s also the reason unions want their unionization-by-intimidation (card check) law so badly.  Fact is, the union activists collected a good number of those signatures on those petitions through intimidation -- and those who were intimidated can’t wait to express their true feelings on election day. 

To expand on the reason Walker has nothing to worry about, let’s focus on the methodology behind union elections and labor leaders’ dreams of card check.   Unions, you see, are sick to death of pesky little contrivances known as “secret ballots.”  How DARE anyone make any attempt to hide behind a cloak of anonymity when deciding whether or not they want to join a union?  Stand out here like a man and let the world see how you feel!   No secret ballots!  Besides, eliminating the secret ballot makes it oh-so-much easier for union goons to retaliate against you if you dare to vote against them!

Neal Boortz

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