Larry Provost

I was never a big fan of weapons, until I got married and moved South. Thank God I escaped Leftist Stockholm Syndrome.

My family was never big into weapons, even though we grew up on the farm. Tragically, I think much of it stemmed from a close relative who died in a hunting accident. Also, several favorite political figures of my family were cut down by assassin’s bullets in the 1960’s. With a background like that, who would want weapons?

However, the military gave me a healthy exposure to weapons, along with being stationed in the Great State of Texas. A few years later, I moved to another Virginia and got married.

In the South I saw a whole different way of looking at weapons. While in New York, there were people who had weapons, the South showed me, for the first time, women who carried weapons on their person. It was intriguing. I also thought it would look mighty good on my wife.

Also very important to me was noticing the crime rate in these new areas I lived in. While there was crime in the South, and my liberal buddies would likely point to isolated cases while missing a larger picture, the crime rate overall was lower. It was easy to see why the crime rate was so low; seemingly half the population was carrying a pistol and in public. If I was a criminal, there was no way I was going to try and harm these people; they would take care of my life a lot faster than the justice system.

One of the tenants of modern liberal thought I was brought up with was diversity even though many who said those things looked down on the South. However wanting to practice the principles I preached I watched, listened, and learned. They were doing it right.

Then I got married and things really changed (of course always for the better). It occurred to me that any criminal could easily catch my comings and goings, especially if I was out of town. Who would take care of my wife if someone tried to hurt her and she was home alone, for she was brought up in the same culture I was? Alarms are nice but not everyone can afford monthly payments. Alarms are also prone to false alarms, which charge more money and most importantly, criminals only need about 20-30 seconds at most to inflict major damage on a home. A criminal smart enough to know comings and goings is one smart enough to move and act quickly. A criminal will be less likely to break in and harm a woman if they think, “this is a town where the women are armed.”

Larry Provost

Larry Provost currently works in Washington, D.C.