Larry Provost

The Supreme Court recently shot down a suit from Liberty University in regards to forced government intrusion containing radical health care mandates. However tyranny inevitably fails. The character of Liberty University and its people show that the freedom and its principles will have the final victory.

Liberty University,, founded by Rev. Jerry Falwell in 1971 as an extension of the Thomas Road Baptist Church, was birthed upon faith in God and not in government. Liberty was built to be for evangelical Conservative Christians what Brigham Young is to Mormons and Notre Dame is for Catholics. The University condemns radical leftism and the extremism of fringe groups such as the Westboro Church.

Throughout the first 30 years of the University, Liberty was beset by financial problems partly because Rev. Falwell would generously give away scholarships to almost any student who was in need. When my wife was a student at Liberty, things were so tough financially that there were many times students gave their own money to help keep the school alive. Faculty and staff went without pay more than once to keep the University going. More noticeable than the financial difficulties at Liberty was the attitude of prayer and sacrifice that were prevalent in the faculty, students, and staff of the institution. Instead of choosing the quick and easy path of compromising its principles, which would have destroyed the institution, Liberty University stayed true to its roots and came out stronger and better.

Liberty is now the largest private, nonprofit, University in America, the largest University in Virginia, and is the world’s largest Christian University. Over 100,000 students attend Liberty. Over a quarter of Liberty students have some affiliation with the United States Armed Forces and it is not uncommon to see graduates receiving their diplomas on military bases in Afghanistan. Liberty is also the least expensive private college in Virginia yet has Division One athletics and world class facilities.

Larry Provost

Larry Provost currently works in Washington, D.C.