Kyle Olson

It's becoming clearer that the "public service" mentality is quickly slipping way from government employees, if it didn't hit the exits a long time ago.

Instead of government employees serving the public, it's clear now their belief is that the public exists to serve them. And if the public doesn't step up, there will be hell to pay.

Why else would a government union president threaten to "weaponize" the jobs of his members? At the latest union protest in Lansing, Michigan, AFSCME president Herb Sanders explained to the Lansing State Journal (see video here):

“If necessary, we will use the valuable public service jobs that we perform as a weapon and shut this state down.”

You can just feel the love and appreciation for the privilege to suckle at the public teat, can’t you?

There needs to be a real, straightforward way to deal with such behavior. One of the signs that I laughed at most in Madison was “I am irreplaceable.”

No, you’re not. Everyone is replaceable. Everyone can become a liability when their perceived value outweighs reality.

The fact is, Herb Sanders’ members are very replaceable and the state of Michigan, and every other state with a union-held gun to its head, should have ways to replace them – quickly.

Kyle Olson

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