Kevin McCullough

So what do a bunch of Colorado nuns, an illegal immigrant lawyer, and the rest of America all have in common?

Normally the answer would be a crude punch line to some highly inappropriate joke, I'm sure. But not in 2014.

But in three of the biggest headlines this week--or stories that should have been--the only thing linking them is the absurdity that allowed them to come to pass to begin with.

In Colorado, nuns--who serve at the discretion of the Catholic church--which is utterly pro-life--was sharply rebuked on Friday by the United States Justice Department in arguments about the case the nuns had brought all the way to the Supreme Court.

No I know this will be difficult to understand, but the nuns have a belief--imagine their audacity--that says that the taking of lives of innocent children's lives is a sin. I know--imagine the backward, warped sense of moral turpitude that must reside inside these bigoted, narrow minded, women hating... nuns.

We await word on what the very anti-Catholic United States Supreme Court is likely to say about this entire mess.

Meanwhile... A state supreme court issued a ruling this week allowing illegal immigrants--you know people who flaunted the law to even get here--to "practice" law in the United States--a land whose law they've already broken merely through existing in the particular geography they are in this minute. And in a further display of absolute clarity, the Supreme Court of this said state, voted unanimously to allow the law license of the #undocumerican (undocumented American resident) to go forward.

They did so partially reversing their own hesitancy earlier in the same case. They had previously cited in earlier arguments that because federal law precluded giving people living illegally in America any form of law license then perhaps their state should as well. Obviously someone had a change of heart because when the verdict came down none--not one--of the state Supreme Court Justices--felt any compunction about giving a non-citizen-living-illegally-in-America a law license.

While my twitter and facebook feeds were filling up with all kinds of snark about the two stories listed above I couldn't help how many of them missed the most absurd story of the week.

That turned out to be Jerry Brown, the Governor of California, announcing he had signed into law the new AB 1266. Now he announced the signing of this law, even though there was on the final day allowed more than enough signatures for referendum to repeal, but what's a little election law breaking when you're the Governor of California?