Kevin McCullough

READER ADVISORY: The following editorial contains assertions that may seem contradictory to things you've seen in media coverage of this subject. For some, such assertions will be simple common sense. It is not the intention of the author to insult the readers; thus, these statements will be identified numerically in parentheses. (2)

The investigative process is still underway in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. (3) Sanford police, county sheriffs, state and federal law enforcement are all compiling evidence of what happened the night that Trayvon Martin was shot to death. (4)

As your humble correspondent was returning to New York through Atlanta on Friday of this week, I did what I am often wont to do. I stopped for a bacon & jalapeno cheesesteak grilled sub sandwich at Charley's -- a popular Atlanta favorite. Over my left shoulder was the airport feed from CNN, and as the six or seven ladies operated the grill, called out the numbers, and delivered the delicacies, none of them could take their eyes off of the television feed.

At a particular point in the news feed CNN replayed a portion of the response of Robert Zimmerman Jr.'s appearance on Piers Morgan from Thursday evening. When Zimmerman Jr. made the claim that medical records will prove his brother's claims that he -- George Zimmerman, the shooter of Trayvon Martin -- had a scuffed back side of his head and a broken nose incurred from the scuffle preceding the shooting of Trayvon, the seven ladies behind the counter openly mocked, ridiculed, and heaped scorn at the television set. They muttered racial epithets under their breath.

They also spoke quietly, but loud enough for me to hear -- as a customer -- certain feelings about white people in general. (5)

In ways I have not seen in my forty-one years on this earth, this case -- or as it should be properly put -- the out-of-context reaction to this case has been perhaps the single most racially divisive event of my lifetime. (6) More than the O.J. Simpson verdict, more than the Rodney King case, more than any other incident I can call to memory -- the drummed-up reaction -- as was on display by the sandwich ladies -- made multiple customers in the Atlanta airport's Charley's cafe (in the B terminal) physically uneasy. (6)