Kevin McCullough

There has been much "hate" described in media reports since election day in the nation, much of it related to the passing of Prop 8 as a Constitutional Amendment for that state and as such is no longer touchable by a state sanctioned court. Yet hate has abounded, not from the corners of Jewish synagogues, Mormon temples, Christian churches or Catholic cathedrals. Those are just the places we've been told "hate" resides.

The "hate" was also not found in any single ethnicity, political party, or geographical demographic.

No the side that has been doing all of the hating since election day in the troubled parts of our nation have been militant activists radicals, who happen to be mostly white, mostly godless, and nearly completely all choose to engage in homosexual behavior.

It is the radical activists roaming the streets, pushing elderly women to the ground, staging obnoxious protests outside places of worship, and in some cases interfering in the midst of worship services that have expressed all of the hatred seen since election day. They have even taken to harassing people on their way to or from the church door and their car.

But these haters are ignorant and as such, many Christians, Mormons, Catholics, and Jews have shown compassion upon them.

How are they ignorant?

For one they don't seem to understand the validity of Constitutional authority, Constitutional law, and Constitutional rule. They are running around ginning up the pathetic gatherings of theirs to "override" Prop 8. They don't seem to understand that the court is under the authority of the Constitution in the state of California. They don't seem to understand that if some Kangaroo judge attempts to hijack the resounding will of the people, having now passed in two landslide victories--even when outspent on the matter 6 to 1, they will have anarchy on hand. Given that to shred the explicit language of a state's sovereign constitution is to suspend all law, and all authority found in the law.