Kevin McCullough

Barack Obama despises the institution of marriage. This assumption can be made on sound reasoning and easy logic. Anytime someone works to oppose something - it is assumed.

But what causes such disdain for the union that gave he and Michelle their life together, and the precious gift of their two baby girls?

This week Barack Obama demonstrated his most recent opposition, some would even classify as hatred, of an institution that he benefits mightily from. His three most prominent family policy positions all speak to this. Each of them focused at punishing the definition of how a family is even constructed. Never before has the national political stage entertained such hostility towards a family's survival yet hardly a word is spoken of it.

Specifically Barack Obama wishes to pass "ENDA" the employment non-discrimination act. Or so it's called. What it really consists of is the most diabolical way ever conceived to punish every voice in America, who under present law, have every right, to speak to their houses of worship, family, and spouse as to the scientific, mental health, and diseased ridden drawbacks of engaging in homosexual behavior. So stifling would ENDA be in fact that if a Youth Pastor who works with young boys in a church program got caught in an inappropriate relationship with them, ENDA would make it nearly impossible for the church involved to fire the youth pastor. ENDA would directly challenge and seek to limit religious expression, doctrine, theology, and practice.

Senator Barack Obama knows this, and supports it with all his might.

The Senator also believes its time to do away with "don't ask, don't tell." On this limited point the Senator and I both agree. I think it's ridiculous to have such a mockery of law in place. Yet we couldn’t be more disagreeable on what takes its place.

It is your humble correspondent's view that we revert back to a ban on sexual immorality all together within the code of military practice and conduct. Effectively what I would call for is the cessation of access to pornography on tax-payer funded military bases, and bans all together on both adulterous and homosexual conduct while on base, under command, and on mission. General Peter Pace was under no delusion when he stated last year that moral discipline is healthy for morale, conduct, and most importantly effectiveness. To send the message otherwise is to only fool ourselves.