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It’s big, big mail-bag weekend. There’s lots of hate mail.

We tackle the economy, finance, maids (but not in the same way as DSK did) and home-schooling moms in plaid smocks who make us all so nervous when we fly.

Clash wrote: For a guy who is the "Finance Editor" of Finance, Ransom never seems to write any thing about financial matters or issues. – response to my column Obama, Your Jimmy Carter is Showing

Dear Clash,

Actually I write quite a bit about financial topics.

This week you should take a look at  O-pocalypse Now and A Rape Too Far. The piece on the IMF’s Strauss-Khan getting busted for rape is both political and financial. That’s the strength of Townhall Finance, as opposed to say, CNN Money.

In addition to my top-of-the-news daily columns, which apparently are the only things you read, I write a blog that concentrates almost exclusively on money and markets at the Ticker.

As editor, I also am responsible for recruitment of columnists who write about finance.

If you look around the finance site, the amount of content related to money and markets is increasing, especially as it relates to investment commentary. That’s something that will accelerate going forward.

But my daily column will generally touch on topical news items.

Readers seem to enjoy it and so do I. And as editor, these are the types of decisions I get to make.     

Royal Palm Ballroom wrote: To John Ransom: There isn't any biographical info about you like there is for the other "columnists". Are you ashamed of your educational and professional background that you won't allow a bio to be posted about you? – response to my column Obama, Your Jimmy Carter is Showing

Dear Royal Palm,

What would we do every week if we didn’t have you around to change the subject, or get off topic?

As I told another reader, the problem is that, genetically speaking, I’m an exact copy of both Koch Brothers. We wouldn’t want that to get around. So I’m keeping those records in the same fire-proof box that the Obama administration kept his birth certificate for the last 3 years.

John Ransom

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