John Ransom

On energy, Obama’s got a case of the “blue-flu.”

In revolt against the most productive sectors of our energy industry- oil, natural gas and coal- Obama wants instead to create make work programs for “alternative,” and “green” energy schemes, which amount to a sit-down strike against the energy security of the country.

Congressman Jeff Landry (R-LA) blasted President Obama’s lack of an energy policy as “reckless” yesterday, in light of the disasters involving nuclear power in Japan that have developed this week and strategic concerns about supply in the Middle East.

On Sunday Landry also appeared on Fox News, challenging Obama to stop shying away from fears and start solving America’s energy problems.

Obama has been touting U.S. oil production figures since Libya and the nuclear disaster in Japan again put the spotlight on the lack of energy policy followed by the administration. So far the “comprehensive energy” policy followed by the Democrats under Obama should be titled: How to Build Unicorns and Rainbows for $1 Trillion.   

“It’s disingenuous for him to take credit” for actions taken by other administrations said Landry, regarding the president’s claim that oil production is going up. In fact, Landry says that oil production will be going down because of policies promoted by the administration. Landry estimates that the administration has hurt domestic production by as much as 16 percent.  

Landry, who represents Louisiana’s 3rd congressional district, which is heavily dependent on the energy business, points out that the U.S. has the best strategic reserves in the world in the Gulf of Mexico “and it comes at little or no cost to the taxpayer.”

If Obama isn’t going to use our domestic energy supply, can the rest of us borrow it for awhile?  

John Ransom

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