Hugh Hewitt

On Monday night's Sean Hannity Show I made two points.

The first is that the president would have us believe the only red line he won't erase is the one he drew for the Republicans. His strident "I won't negotiate" is causing his --and the Republicans'-- standing to plummet in the eyes of the public. We elected a six year old old?

This is the meta-problem in D.C.: The president has lost credibility, a casualty to the Syrian fiasco and a hundred missed opportunities to do anything remotely approaching a reach across the aisle. He isn't trusted, so to get the gears engaged and the city moving again, an infusion of third party trust is needed.

My second point was on how to import that trust and get the president and the Speaker out of their corners. I think it starts with a phone call from the president --to Williamsburg.

The Hon. Robert Gates is the Chancellor of the College of William and Mary and of course the esteemed former Secretary of Defense under both Presidents Obama and Bush. Gates was also the former CIA director and Deputy National Security Advisor. He probably ran the Parks Service and NIH at one point or another. He certainly ran during Texas A&M during one of his breaks from D.C., which is like running a couple or three agencies at once. Point is, he is one of those guys, one of the fabled "wise men."

Hugh Hewitt

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