With less than a year until Election Day, the stakes for this country could not be higher. Nancy Pelosi and her puppets have put our country on a path for bankruptcy and rationed healthcare.   

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With that in mind, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about an exciting project - Reverse the Vote. This site is a tool that allows concerned Americans to directly support the challengers of 24 vulnerable Democrats who voted to take your healthcare away and put it in the hands of federal bureaucrats.

This project will hold these 24 Democrats’ feet to the fire for voting against the best interests of their constituents and blindly supporting Nancy Pelosi’s reckless agenda. They voted to put an inefficient entity, the federal government, in charge of your healthcare. These are the same Democrats who cannot accurately report economic data on an $18 million dollar Web site. How can we expect them to effectively and safely manage the nation’s healthcare – which accounts for one-fifth of the national GDP.

If that lack of ability and accountability to manage data entry concerns you, consider this quote from an adamant supporter of government-run healthcare, “This is a sad thing, but roughly one-third of all the files the government has in its possession are lost. That's a fact.

That quote is from liberal darling Alan Grayson (D-FL-08).  Hardly makes anyone feel confident in the Democrats ability to manage your healthcare…

All these points underscore how unconscionable it was for these 24 Democrats to stand in unison with Nancy Pelosi and vote to take away your healthcare.

Reverse the Vote provides you with the opportunity to bring direct pressure on these Pelosi Puppets in the short term, and provide much needed support to their challengers next fall. These Democrats need to learn that such irresponsible decisions come with consequences.  To take back America, we must retire Nancy Pelosi by defeating as many of her puppets as possible, and next fall provides an excellent opportunity to do so.

Guy Harrison

Guy Harrison is the Executive Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

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