Douglas MacKinnon

Ironically, but not surprisingly, politics is a business where the truth is not always embraced. Many times, it´s outright shunned and denied. While numerous examples abound, here are a few “truths” that one side or the other will froth at the mouth disavowing.

With regard to improving their election chances come November 4th, some in the Obama campaign would be quite happy if the economy stayed in the tank just a bit longer.

Obviously, there is absolutely no one in the Obama campaign who would admit to this. Such an admission would foolishly put the interests of Barack Obama before the financial solvency of the American people. That said, Democrats I speak with off the record -- while shocked with what´s happening to their mutual funds and 401K plans -- are thrilled that the horrific economic news not only stopped the Palin bounce, but moved Mr. Obama solidly up in the polls. Privately, they tell me that two more weeks of this would be just what the doctor could order for Mr. Obama´s political health.

There are some McCain supporters who are privately pleased with the notion that a certain percentage of Americans won´t vote for Mr. Obama simply because he is black.

While suicidal for the McCain campaign to even acknowledge these voters, they are out there. Most, if not all associated with John McCain think Mr. Obama is stupendously unqualified for the office of president. That said, if that argument won´t fly for them, then some are quite open to having Republican and Democrat racists either vote for their guy, or sit out the election. Sadly, in the America of 2008, racism is alive and well and is going to have an impact on this election.

For her future political life, it would be much better for Sen. Hillary Clinton if Mr. Obama lost this election.

Again, while a blinding flash of the obvious, no one associated with camp Clinton is ever going to admit to this. Ever. Mrs. Clinton, and many Republicans I know, felt that she was head and shoulders more suitable than Mr. Obama. She, and a number of her advisors, felt that some in the media did not give her a fair shake. She felt that sexism played too negative a role in the coverage of her campaign. If Mr. Obama wins and is reelected, Mrs. Clinton will be almost 70 years of age come the 2016 election. Commonsense and the truth dictates that 2012 would make much more sense for try at the Oval Office. A truth that can´t be spoken by Mrs. Clinton.

Conservative women can and have shattered glass ceilings and are feminists.

Douglas MacKinnon

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of The Secessionist States of America. (Skyhorse Publishing, 2014)

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