Dan Kennedy

In Bob Woodward’s new book, President Obama is quoted as saying “We can absorb a terrorist attack.” Thus Woodward reveals in stark clarity Obama’s ambivalence and reluctance to prosecute a war against terrorists who organize against us, let alone the governments that give them safe harbor and support. We have a Commander-in-Chief unwilling to command or protect – whether our own southern border or the nation as a whole. He is willfully derelict in these duties, and if this means you and I and our families must occasionally “absorb” another 9-11 or worse, so be it. When the bodies are taken away and buried, and the debris is cleared, we can always build a mosque.

Regrettably, Obama has no such ambivalence about his war on the ambitious, the achievers, the job-creators, and the affluent. His entire presidency is about this as punishment, not pragmatism. He is not a fool; he knows the destruction he wreaks.

His health care reform is, as administration insiders have admitted, a scheme to re-distribution wealth -- as was his GM rescue, in which bondholders and stockholders were robbed in favor of union interests, and dealership-family business owners were callously “executed,” in a demonstration of his re-distributive power.

Examine every Obama initiative and you will find, at its core, re-distribution of wealth -- a fundamentally un-Christian concept (Thou Shalt Not Steal) and patently un-American. It is rooted in communism and socialism, not democracy. When merchandised not as the evil it is but as “economic justice,” it can be made temporarily popular with masses -- especially if they are having their own financial lives deliberately destroyed. That’s how to create not just the desire but desperate need for a seemingly benevolent dictator who will put a trans-fat free, salt-free chicken in every pot and an electric car in every garage. Gee, where have we heard this pitch before?

Past week or so, former President Jimmy Carter has been making the rounds of any and every TV show that will have him, pushing his book, and trying to spin his tenure in the White House as effective and successful. Most media has been kind, most hosts sympathetic. Carter’s evidence: that he got more of his legislative agenda enacted than Reagan, Bush, Clinton.

Carter’s toothy smile cannot hide his rank bitterness about being broadly viewed as a failure America said “good riddance” to rather than “thank you.” He’s angry at what he sees as the stubborn stupidity of the American public, too damn dumb to understand the superiority of his policies and his leadership.

Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is a serial entrepreneur and contributor to the Business & Media Institute.