Bruce Bialosky

Let’s see – Goldman Sachs supposedly manipulates the mortgage bond market, helping to cause the market downfall, and the SEC fines them $550 million. $250 million goes for restitution and $300 million goes to the SEC. You may have thought attorneys were running scams soaking corporations in class action lawsuits, but they are pikers compared to the federal government. A shakedown like that even makes contingency fees look reasonable! This episode should motivate our citizens to stop governments from penalizing companies for their misdeeds against consumers – only to pocket the fines for their own purposes.

The definition of Chutzpah – President Obama asking industry leaders to tell him what regulations are causing them concern when he has signed two bills into law (health care and financial industry “reform”) that total about 5,000 pages, that no one yet understands, and that will spur thousands of more pages of regulations to comply with those two bills.

Helen Thomas used to sit in the front row of every presidential press conference and ask the first question. She worked for UPI (MSM) and we were to believe she was a reporter – one just reporting the facts. Then she became a columnist and all of a sudden she was a wild-eyed leftist and anti-Semite (but then I repeat myself).

Case after case, time after time, the trusted people from the MSM tell us they are even-handed and just reporting the facts. But when they retire (or get fired), somehow they suddenly turn into committed leftists – Rather, Cronkite and Thomas are just a few well-known examples. It is any wonder the MSM has lost almost all of its standing with the American people?

When you go to the Los Angeles Airport, the first airline you see is Southwest Airlines. The lines to enter the building often run all the way down to the next building, passing (and often blocking) the entrance to U.S. Airways. I have often wondered what U.S. Airways personnel are thinking when virtually no one enters their building while waves of people line up for Southwest. I now understand.

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Bruce Bialosky

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