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Valentine's Day is probably not the day most people would pick to remember the marriage of John and Jacqueline Kennedy. But on Feb. 14, CBS spent more than eight minutes recalling how it was the 50th anniversary of CBSs "historic" TV tour of the White House with Jackie. They brought on liberal historian Doug Brinkley to proclaim "50 years ago on Valentine's Day, she became America's sweetheart, and 50 years later, she still is."

The problem is that any honest historian couldn't claim that Jackie was JFKs sweetheart. He had lots of 'em. And now CBS has utterly ignored what NBC just exploited -- er, reported -- in prime time: Former White House intern Mimi Alford has written a memoir revealing how President Kennedy pressured her into Jackie's bed in 1962 to take her virginity. This affair began when she was 19 and four days into her internship. It would last until the eve of Kennedy's assassination.

It's shocking enough to read about Kennedy cornering this young girl, plying her with daiquiris and bedding her. But there's more: Alford says that the president told her to perform oral sex on his aide Dave Powers by the swimming pool, and she complied. It's perhaps most shocking that NBCs "Rock Center" put this woman on the air in prime time.

This is a tawdry interruption. The narrative must continue. At all costs, the Camelot mythology must stay alive.

Just last year, the History Channel (owned by Disney and NBC Universal) announced it was scrapping its $30 million, eight-hour miniseries "The Kennedys" after longtime NBC News employee Maria Shriver pressured NBC and Caroline Kennedy pressured Disney. They succeeded. The miniseries was punted off to the obscure Reelz cable channel.

But this year, NBC broke from the pack. So then what happened? CBS refused to notice, and there was nothing on the taxpayer-funded Democrat networks PBS and NPR. There was no Piers Morgan interview on CNN. Alford wasn't mentioned anywhere by ABC News, either. On Feb. 10 she was interviewed on ABCs "The View" by Barbara Walters -- only to be mocked four times with "She'll make a lot of money!" Walters asked Alford why she would hurt Caroline Kennedy and her family, as if a) her father had no responsibility not to hurt her with this behavior and b) Caroline, at 54, had never heard any of this before.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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