Bill Bunkley

In a breathtaking and disquieting start, President Barack Obama’s administration has embarked on a full court press during his first 100 days in office. One can hardly recount a time in American history when a newly-elected president has so swiftly reversed a wide range of policies supported by his immediate predecessor. And for most conservative Christians, these decisions are particularly troubling, because they do not line up with scripture. These are times that call for reflection and prayer for our nation.

Much has transpired since the president took the oath of office on that crisp and cold 20th of January. A great deal has been written, discussed and debated about these new initiatives—so much so that we may have already forgotten some of the earliest decisions of his administration.

Though economic issues are certainly at the forefront of the nation’s attention, we’ll focus in this analysis on some of the distinguishable issues as processed through a Christian worldview.

It didn’t take long after President Obama was sworn in for our first clues on his agenda to appear. Significant changes in the nation’s direction and policy immediately were quickly identified on the radar screens of social conservatives.

The sea change started immediately after the inauguration was concluded and President George Walker Bush was saying goodbye to his staff before departing from Andrews Air Force Base for his final flight back to Texas. Little did he know that his distinguished track record of protecting the family and the unborn was already unraveling.

As President, Barack Obama was making his way back through the Capitol corridors after his swearing in, the pro-family, pro-life Bush White House Web site was taken down and replaced with a chilling new one, complete with an overview of the new president’s positions and initiatives. Obama’s staff wasted no time in getting down to business.

One can’t argue that the new White House was operating outside its prerogative to post the newly-updated policy positions. Nonetheless, a careful review of the new and sharply-contrasting policy positions of the new administration was stunning to many of the early Web site visitors.

Bill Bunkley

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