Adam Hasner

The best days of Democrat support for Israel have now passed. The evidence is abundant and clear that the importance of Israel’s existence and well-being has become secondary to the political idolatry of many Jewish-American Democrats. Furthermore, many Jewish voters who do have Israel’s best interests among their priorities are too often duped by the maze of activists and institutions that use Jewish concepts and credentials to manipulate support for their liberal agenda. Despite all of the lofty pronouncements regarding respect for the America-Israel relationship, all species of partisan support are not equal.

After successfully wooing nearly 80% of the Jewish vote with his siren song, it has taken little more than one hundred days for the true motives of Barack Hussein Obama -- who now desires that his Muslim origins be noted -- to be revealed and put into action. For years prior to his election, Obama comfortably operated within the realm of the anti-Israel perspective. His record of sharing personal, intellectual and political relationships with anti-Semites, purveyors of Palestinian victimology, and characters who seek to demonize Israel at every opportunity had been well documented, albeit intentionally ignored and ruled as “off-limits” during the campaign by his many supporters and the mainstream media. With the power of the Presidency and a Democratic-controlled Congress now in hand, this rhetorical pied piper is now positioned to enforce his will upon an increasingly threatened and isolated Israel, all under the watch of those who are tragically misguided and disoriented in the Jewish-American community. Indeed, President Obama may yet prove to have become the subtle leader of the Anti-Israel Lobby.

Obama’s recent Muslim outreach speech delivered in Cairo has proven to be a watershed moment of clarity, as the morally bankrupt equivalence and relativism that he continually employs climaxed before the eyes of the world. The volume of ominous forecasts to be drawn from Obama’s treatment of Israel is now beginning to dawn upon many previously reluctant-to-believe Jewish Democrats. Even Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League, the self-styled sheriff of the Jewish community -- who tacitly approved of Obama during the campaign -- was moved to publicly weigh in on the dangerous direction that Obama is leading American policy.

Adam Hasner

Adam Hasner is a former nation co-chairman for the citizen action group Pass the Balanced Budget Amendment ( and a candidate for United States Senate in Florida.