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WATCH: CNN's Runs a Ridiculous Segment About Trump's Ability to Trigger Witches

CNN's Jeanne Moos recently aired another horrendous and slow news day segment on how "witches" are offended by President Trump's use of the cliche saying that things are a "witch hunt."


President Trump frequently refers to Mueller's investigation as a "witch hunt" because it's nothing more than a waste of everyone's time.

In the segment, Moos interviews humans who claim to be "witches" that bash President Trump while further claiming to be offended with his use of the saying.

One witch calls President Trump's use of the saying "really disgraceful, I mean thousands of people were executed in Europe for suspicion of witchcraft..."

Another witch states that "there's a lot to be offended by from President Trump..."


Donald Trump Jr. responded to the segment by pointing out the networks willingness to cover anything that gabs at the sitting president. He also refers to the CNN segment as "Trump Derangement Syndrome." Who could blame him? 

Twitter users quickly responded to the segment, calling it "fake news."

Let's also remember "national correspondent" Jeanne Moos also took absurd issue over the first ladies Christmas decorations: 

Classic CNN...

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