EXCLUSIVE: Panic Mode: Liberal Group Spins Story When Confronted About Efforts to Boycott Tucker Carlson's Show

Posted: Dec 20, 2018 12:00 PM
EXCLUSIVE: Panic Mode: Liberal Group Spins Story When Confronted About Efforts to Boycott Tucker Carlson's Show

In recent days organizations such as liberal watchdogs Media Matters for America and Sleeping Giants have been leading efforts to boycott Tucker Carlson's Fox News show, and the campaign has persuaded at least 17 major advertisers to bailPolitico reported. 

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Another liberal marketing and communications company, Hope Made Human, joined those efforts in recent days by creating an excel sheet to collect and urge advertisers to boycott "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

After Townhall reached out for comment on the story, however, those postings and excel sheets were deleted by the organization.

"Looking for some crowdsourcing help: combing social media to capture contact info for advertisers on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show," Hope Made Human's founder H. Irene Succio, wrote Wednesday in now-deleted tweets.

She then tweeted at "Sleeping Giants", an organization that is working to grow the boycott against Fox News, "Might this help you?" That tweets has also been deleted. 

Google Excel sheets captured by Townhall show the goal of the publicly-shared documents were to gather information to "urge boycotts against companies" that support Fox News. In addition, the documents encouraged people to tweet their frustrations at corresponding organizations that haven't yet boycotted Fox News. 

Approximately 25 minutes after Townhall reached out for comment via Twitter and over email, the documents holding the boycott gathered information, drafted by Hope Made Human and Succio, were deleted. 

In an email to Townhall, the organization responded to the request for comment, stating that "Hope Made Human isn't doing this work." 

The screen-captured images dispute that claim, however. 

The organization, Hope Made Human, bills itself as a "Designing Civil Rights" organization that uses "design thinking" to "support the 21st century Civil Rights Movement." Their mission is centered on creating "resources" that include "downloadable posters, infographics, videos, guidebooks, and wearable goods."

The deleted excel sheet was available via this link.  All screen grabs were captured by Townhall

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