Tweet, Tweet! Donald Trump on North Korea: "Only One Thing Will Work"

Posted: Oct 07, 2017 8:30 PM

President Donald J. Trump again took to Twitter Saturday night to broadcast his feelings towards the hermit kingdom, led by the “Rocket Man” potbellied dictator that is Kim Jong-Un.

The ominous message is most likely an indication that President Trump believes speaking with North Korean officials is an utter waste of time for all involved.

Last weekend, President Donald J. Trump promised victory over the communist dictator from North Korea.

That message came after President Trump stated earlier that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was misusing his time in negotiating with the rotund rabble rouser.

President Trump has long maintained that at a certain point with North Korea, no amount of negotiating will change any minds. In 1999, Trump told the late Tim Russert he believed force was necessary to deter the third world country from inflicting harm on America and its allies. 

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