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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

New polling out from Gallup shows that President Biden's approval is not just stuck in the basement — much like he was physically during the 2020 campaign — but Americans are growing increasingly pessimistic about the future of the country and the path it's currently on, regardless of party affiliation. So how bad is it? Well, the last midterm election year in which Americans were polled and found to be in such a bad mood was 1974 — nearly half a century ago. 


The latest numbers from Gallup show that the president's job approval didn't budge between May and June, remaining at an abysmal 41 percent — a low it hit in April. 

The results of the president's policies have not just caused Americans to sour on Biden, but also — understandably — caused pessimism about the future of our country:

Americans' satisfaction with the direction of the country has dipped three points over the past month to 13%, continuing the downward trend seen since March, when 24% were satisfied. Nearly nine in 10 Americans (87%) are now dissatisfied with the direction of the country.

And, despite what Biden and some Democrats in Congress say, the president's own party is dragging down the overall satisfaction rating. They're getting so fed up, so fast, that the number of Democrats who say they are satisfied with the country's direction went from 46 percent in March to just 24 percent in June. 

Among independents, an even smaller 13 percent say they're satisfied with where America's headed, down from 23 percent in March. Since May of 2021, no more than 8 percent of Republicans have said they are satisfied with the country's direction, falling to just two percent this June. 


Based on respondents' answers, Gallup concluded that "Americans' mood is the worst it has been in any midterm election year dating to 1974 and puts Democrats' U.S. House majority in significant jeopardy." No kidding. 

As Gallup's release of their latest polling concludes, "Nothing has caused that mood to brighten over the past month -- if anything, it has worsened, making Democrats' challenge of turning things around before the November elections only more difficult."

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