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Judge Bruce Schroeder again scolded the mainstream media in remarks made as part of the Rittenhouse trial proceedings on Wednesday, adding that the media's antics would make him reconsider allowing live coverage of future trials he oversees.


"When I talked about problems with the media, when this trial started," Judge Schroeder said, "we were there in part — not fully but in part — because of grossly irresponsible handling of what comes out of this trial."

"I will tell you this," Judge Schroeder continued, "I'm going to think long and hard about live television at trial again next time." He explained that he'd "always been a firm believer in [live coverage] because the people should be able to see what's going on," the judge explained, "but what I see, what's being done, it's really quite frightening. Frightening, that's the right word for it," Schroeder concluded.

Judge Schroeder also sounded off on the "misinformation" that has been "widespread" in the mainstream media's coverage so far, specifically singling out a recent article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about consideration of the defense's motion to dismiss.  

The judge also reiterated that "the result of the trial should be open to public scrutiny, and people should have confidence in the outcome of the trial" which is something he hopes all can agree on. "It's just a shame that irresponsible statements are being made," Judge Schroeder reiterated. 


Anyone who's been following what's been entered as factual evidence in the case knows that there's a significant gulf between reality and what the mainstream media has been telling Americans, as compilations like the following show:

The firehose of uninformed criticism from the mainstream media has not just been directed at Kyle Rittenhouse, either, as Judge Schroeder has been blasted by the media for a litany of baseless accusations. Apparently, a potential acquittal will be the fault of the judge in the case, and not the fault of the jurors who decided the case nor the clown of a prosecutor who struggled to make a case at all.

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