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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) had some thoughts on a recent report that "corporate America" was looking to come back into the Republican tent after last Tuesday's elections showed a looming red tide and plummeting approval for President Biden and his agenda. 


In a tweet, Leader McCarthy said corporations are "sorely mistaken" if they think they can jump on the GOP bandwagon after Republican wins this month or that conservatives will "forget the role they played in subjecting the U.S. to open borders and runaway inflation."

"Republican lawmakers appear more likely to take back Congress in 2022," explains the report McCarthy referenced, "And corporate America is taking notice," according to corporate lobbying clients.

"Interviews with about a half-dozen GOP-connected lobbyists reveal that the results of the off-year election bode well for the party’s fundraising from companies that had soured on giving after Jan. 6," Politico's reporting stated. "Some corporations are moving to resume relationships with members from whom they had distanced themselves about a year ago" while "several lobbyists said they knew of companies that planned to resume their giving in early 2022 or were in the midst of conversations over how to restart it."


Woke corporations — the likes of Nike, Coca Cola, and their ilk — have withheld donations to Republicans and taken action to punish states that enact conservative policies in recent months as big business seeks to cater to a vocal minority that demands social justice take precedence even over businesses' bottom lines. Their decision to resume giving to Republicans on the ballot in 2022 poses to jeopardize the woke audience they built by initially withholding support from GOP legislators.

That's because on the other side of the corporate giving equation, leftist organizations are now gearing up to attack companies that seek to hedge their bets ahead of the 2022 midterm elections that could possibly hand control of the House and Senate to Republicans. 

The shift in giving betrays their real motivations. Instead of their supposedly "moral" giving policies — that is, not supporting Republicans — corporations' appeasement of social justice warriors had nothing to do with deeply held beliefs or some sort of "conscience" they're following. They didn't care how much damage they or those they supported caused in the process, they just wanted to be able to play nice with Democrats as they shift increasingly leftward. 


Now, though, with Republicans surging and Democrats flailing, their convictions are meaningless to them, apparently. The question going forward, then, is whether the woke crowd's outrage will keep their allied corporations in line, and whether the GOP will end up refusing cash from fickle corporations who now stand ready to help Republicans in a midterm election cycle that's set to be quite expensive. 

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