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Neo-Nazi, Anti-Semitism Groups Are on the Rise and Their Message Is All the Same: 'Kill the Jews'

Screenshot via RedState's Brandon Morse

Antisemitism is on the rise— and with recent events happening in Israel, Hamas's slaughter on the Jewish land has expedited its exposure. 

We all thought the days were over when Jewish people had to be afraid to leave their homes or openly worship at a synagogue.


But Hamas terrorists' Oct. 7 attack on Israel only opened up the gates to hell for evil antisemites to incite fear and danger upon Jews in the U.S.— something no one thought could ever happen again. 

Whether protestors march through streets calling for "Free Palestine" or waving flags embezzled with swastikas, their message is all the same: "Kill the Jews."

Members of a Neo-Nazi group marched through the streets of Madison, Wisconsin, waving swastika flags and performing a salute to Hitler.

On Saturday, large groups of Blood Tribe paraded through the college town advocating for hate and evil amid an increase of antisemitism in the United States as the Israel-Hamas war stretches into its second month.

The group of at least 20 Neo-Nazis were seen wearing red shirts and black pants with "Blood Tribe" written on the back. They describe themselves as a group that "openly directs its vitriol at Jews, 'non-whites,' and the LGBTQ+ community." 

Stopping in front of a local synagogue, the hate group chanted, "Israel is not our friend," warning that "there will be blood." 


Wisconsin Democrat Gov. Tony Evers condemned the group's "repulsive" actions, saying they "have no home" in the state.

"To see neo-Nazis marching in our streets and neighborhoods and in the shadow of our State Capitol building spreading their disturbing, hateful messages is truly revolting," Evers stated. "Let us be clear: neo-Nazis, antisemitism, and white supremacy have no home in Wisconsin. We will not accept or normalize this rhetoric and hate."

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