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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The games have already started. President Joe Biden has conveniently already been declared the Democratic presidential nominee despite several candidates running against him. 


The Biden-Harris campaign co-chair claimed the president "Democratic nominee" for 2024 president despite a single vote not being cast.

"President Biden is the Democratic nominee, along with Vice President Harris," Former Biden aide Cedric Richmond said. "And if you look at both parties, when they have an incumbent president, that incoming president participates in no debates, and there's no primary on our side when there's a primary."

Richmond's comments come after the Democratic National Committee refused to say whether Biden will debate. 

"The key to it is the fact that we've already endorsed President Biden," the Democratic National Committee (DNC) senior adviser said.

Richmond added that Biden being the Democrat nominee was already settled, suggesting that no further discussion about the matter will be had. 

"It's just another issue that people want to use as a distraction from us focusing on still delivering for the American people and ensuring that we address the issues and the challenges they face," Richmon added. 

As GOP candidates gear up to debate during the first presidential debate, Biden campaign communications director Michael Tyler said that there have been "no substantive conversations" about the president debating.


Most Republicans and a few Democrats have used Biden's deteriorating age and declining physical and mental health as a significant issue for why the 80-year-old president should not run again. 

However, Richmond argued that Biden's age is not a cause for concern, claiming the president takes his job seriously despite failing to show up as a leader for the American people.  

"We're going to continue to do is continue to govern," he said. "Vice President [Kamala] Harris and President Biden have a job to do, and they take it seriously. When we have news on that, we'll let you know."

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Marianne Williamson are Biden's current challengers. Typically, the party controlling the White House will not hold presidential debates. However, it is not unheard of for presidential debates to occur. 


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