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Are Democrats Eyeing to Replace Biden in the 2024 Presidential Run?

AP Photo/Sergei Grits

Democrats are hitting the panic button as President Joe Biden struggles to keep voters happy amid his declining health and a country plagued by his extreme Leftist policies. 


According to a CNN report, Biden's "slow pace" of campaigning is causing anxiety among Democrat donors, prompting them to seek other possible candidates to replace the 80-year-old. 

Several top aides of Democrats have reportedly told the Left-wing outlet that although Biden has already announced his re-election campaign, he won't actually be running for president in 2024. 

"They feel like time is already running out and that the lack of the more robust campaign activity they want to see is a sign that his heart really isn't in it," the outlet noted. 

The report cast doubt on Biden's ability to handle another four years in office and worried he is not mentally nor physically fit enough to be on the campaign trail, especially when he can barely stay awake for dinner. 

"The conversations keep happening — quiet whispers on the sidelines of events, texts, emails, furtive phone calls," the article continues. 

The report notes that Democrat elders refuse to take the president seriously, advising the party to recruit fresh blood. 

In addition to low polling, the lack of campaign staff and money raised since Biden announced his campaign is sparking concern among Democrats, especially compared to the $86 million former President Obama raised for his re-election campaign in 2011. 


CNN pointed out that key factors are holding the president back, such as big donors not yet confirming their support for Biden and grassroots emails only bringing in just a few thousand dollars. 

A few anonymous Democratic advisors told the outlet, "While all peppered their comments with respect and admiration for Biden's achievements, they said they fear the campaign is not fully embracing the advantage he has as the Republicans fight out their own primary."

Another advisor questioned what is more difficult, "Getting people excited about Biden's campaign or getting them to focus on it?"

"It's a crapshoot, this election, and when it's a crapshoot, you have to do everything possible. It cannot be done when the guy's 80 years old and has his day job," a senior Democrat said. 


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