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Tim Scott Warns of Democrat's Plan to Divide the GOP

AP Photo/Mic Smith

GOP presidential candidate Sen. Tim Scott is sounding the alarm about Democrat's plan to break Republican candidates and use it against them in the 2024 race. 


Scott argued that Democrats could "weaponize" the words of Republican candidates against each other, adding that the road to socialism runs right through a divided Republican Party. 

"Everything we say about each other, the Democrats will weaponize against all of us, no matter who the nominee is," the South Carolina senator said. 

Scott suggested the ongoing feud between newly announced GOP presidential candidate Gov. Ron DeSantis (Fla) and former President Trump could spark mayhem for the Republican Party as they frequently fire shots at each other. 

Instead of trying to smear his GOP rivals as they fight for the 2024 tickets, Scott said he would focus on America and destroying the "leadership" of President Joe Biden. 

"I'm going to focus on the real problem in America. The real problem in America is the feckless leadership of Joe Biden," Scott said. "It is time for America to take a stand and elect a president who understands how it feels to be on both sides of the tracks. Who understands that broken pieces become a whole opportunity in America."


Scott continued to say that those who represent the "greatest conservative party in modern American history" would not be able to be attacked by the Left. He called for his Republican colleagues to stop dividing the conservative movement and instead focus on fixing the economy, military, and foreign policy. 

DeSantis and Trump have made headlines for ruthlessly attacking one another. After Scott's campaign announcement, the former president said Scott's candidacy is a "big step up" DeSantis, which he called "totally unelectable." 

However, DeSantis is Trump's top contender in the presidential race and has often topped Trump in the polls. 


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