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AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares calls out D.C. leaders for ignoring the city's sweeping crime problem that has plagued the nation's capital. 

In a letter addressed to top D.C. officials and Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser, Miyares accused them of allowing for a "crime explosion" in the District, adding that D.C.'s crime problem has now "become Virginia's crime problem."


"Washington, D.C., is dealing with a crime explosion. Actions speak louder than words — and the only actionable items taken by Washington D.C. leadership have been ways to lessen criminal penalties, further fostering an environment for criminal activity," his letter reads. "There is no deterrent for illegal behavior in Washington, D.C., as these repeat offenders know they will either not be charged or let back on the streets in no time."

Miyares backed up his claims, citing data that proves murders are up by over 30 percent, as well as the increase in carjackings. In addition, he explained that armed robberies are also up, and sexual assaults are up 84 percent. 

"So violent crime is absolutely up," he wrote. 

The attorney general mentioned the murder of Virginia resident Christy Bautista, who was stabbed at least 20 times in a D.C. hotel while attending a concert in the District. Surveillance cameras caught the woman struggling, and a witness saw her screaming for help before being pulled back into the hotel room. D.C. police officers arrived 10 minutes late, finding Bautista dead on the hotel room floor.


"She did what a lot of Virginians do," Miyares said following the incident. "They go into the District to enjoy the best of the arts and the theater. She was there just to see a concert. She was there not even an hour, and she was murdered by a total stranger. And to find out that this individual had already been arrested for armed robbery and got out on bond which another murder took place. It was just heartbreaking to see what had happened."

Miyares vowed not to stand quietly and continue to "deny, reject, and refuse" to address the crime spike impacting D.C. 

"Your unwillingness to enforce your laws and hold violent offenders responsible puts your residents and mine at risk," he wrote. 

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