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Here’s How China’s Response to a U.S. Spy Plane Compares to Biden’s Reaction to a Spy Balloon

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

President Joe Biden is facing harsh criticism over his lack of response to the Chinese spy balloon floating through the United States, refusing to shoot it down amid calls to do so. 


This is a strong reminder of how China responded when the tables were turned. 

In 2001, the Chinese did not hesitate even a little to interfere with a U.S. Navy spy plane flying just 50 miles southeast of China’s Hainan Island.

The U.S. was conducting a routine surveillance mission when a Chinese fighter jet intercepted, forcing the Americans to make an emergency landing.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the U.S. plane's nose and left wing hit the Chinese plane and caused it to crash.

Then-Commander in Chief of the United States Pacific Command Adm. Dennis Blair, claimed that the Chinese planes were closely monitoring the military aircraft months before the incident. 

Something Biden should have been doing when he was reportedly informed about the balloon “months” ago. 

According to the outlet, the American plane intercepted a message from China’s Lingshui air base stating that two Chinese F-8 fighter jets were nearby. The Chinese pilot, Wang Wei, reportedly got too close to the Americans and fell back about 100 feet. 


On another attempt, Wei attempted to communicate with the U.S. pilots before his plane got caught in one of the EP-3E propellers and caused his aircraft to split in half, causing it to fall into the ocean. 

The American pilot was forced to land on Chinese land, where he was met with Chinese soldiers who held guns and shouted orders before the Americans were taken to military barracks at Lingshui.

However, the Biden Administration is expressing no urgency, doing nothing as a Chinese spy balloon floats over the U.S. 

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