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Rumor Has It Nancy Pelosi May Be Forced to Step Down After Midterms

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Rumor has it a red wave is taking over Congress, and Democrats are panicking. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly plans to step down from her position if that just so happens to be true, with her daughter in line to take over for Pelosi. 


Christine Pelosi, a Democrat activist, has remained at her mother’s side for most of her political events, even writing a book on “America’s Most Powerful Woman” in 2019. 

If the plan to replace Pelosi with her daughter becomes reality, that would make her the third generation to serve in Congress. 

According to a report from Politico, many favors seeing the 56-year-old Democrat in Pelosi’s position. 

Christine Pelosi has caused waves among fellow Democrats after she said that Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif) should have resigned before winning his recall election. 

She also pegged the Left to stop taking corporate money and attempted to get a debate on climate change into the 2020 Democratic Primary.

Meanwhile, State Sen. Scott Weiner is also reportedly in talks to replace Pelosi, however, no one wants to “offend” her so discussions on her replacement have been kept under wrap. 


“Nancy Pelosi is so well respected and so well appreciated that no one is looking forward to seeing her leave, and the last thing anybody wants is to be viewed as making even the littlest insult to the speaker… from a purely practical, political point of view, no one wants to offend Nancy Pelosi,” Todd David, a former political director for Wiener, said. 

The seat has not been open since Pelosi won it in a special election in 1987. The fight for the long-time tenure position will be an interesting one. Should Pelosi's daughter attempt to take her mother's position, she will have an advantage with considerable fundraising behind her. 

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