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William B. Plowman

Joe Scarborough of woke MSNBC tore into Democrats for allowing crime to wreak havoc on cities throughout the U.S. 

Calling the Left “extraordinarily clueless,” Scarborough began his show, Morning Joe, by citing focus groups made up of Democratic voters indicating that crime and safety are among their top concerns when voting in this year’s midterm elections. 


“When you have cops quitting left and right in Philadelphia because they don’t feel like, you know, they’re not gonna risk their lives so they can arrest people who are gonna be on the street the next day,” Scarborough said. 

He also called out “woke DAs” who claim there is no crime problem, while also hitting at progressives who say that residents are exaggerating the truth of the city’s crime rate. 

“Progressives on crime in places like Philadelphia and New York are so extraordinarily clueless. It’s maddening,” Scarborough said. 

The MSNBC host said that far-Left leaders of Democratic cities are gaslighting residents despite people moving elsewhere because of fear. 

“Then you have progressives telling people in Philadelphia, telling these people, 'Oh you're wrong. Don't believe your lying eyes …There's something wrong with you for being afraid to go to work. There’s something wrong with you for being afraid to go home,’ Scarborough said. 


According to the Republican National Committee, 14 major Democratic cities set new record highs for homicides. New York City's overall crime spiked almost 40 percent as residents are fleeing in droves. 

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