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Lying Biden Admits That He Was Never 'Arrested' as a Senator Despite Saying So Several Times

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Joe Biden admitted to lying about about being arrested as a senator, coming clean during a visit to the White House by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.


“I was a senator at the time, and we met in the Senate Foreign Relations executive committee room… and he came in, and we all stood there and said hello to him and the like. And afterwards, he asked me to come by my office. And he came by to say thank you, because he heard I had been stopped trying to get to — to visit him, to see him in prison,” Biden said. 

He then admitted that he lied about being arrested, and instead he just stopped. 

“I said once — I said I got arrested, I wasn’t arrested. I got stopped, prevented from moving,” lying Biden acknowledged. 

At least three separate times on the campaign trail in 2020, Biden said that he was arrested while trying to visit Nelson Mandela. 

However the presidents’s administration confirmed that his claim of being arrested was not accurate and that he was separated from other congressmen at an airport during a 1976 visit to Lesotho, which borders South Africa.


The New York Post says that a congressman contradicted that version of the story as well. 

Biden has been caught several times fabricating stories, sparking confusion. 

In 2020, he claimed to be a “full-time” professor after leaving the Senate, however according to the Daily Caller Biden never even taught a class. 

Biden better be careful about what he wished for, he and his entire family have grounds to be arrested for real with all of the corruption they have committed.

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