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Eric Swalwell Tells GOP to Go to Uvalde Killer’s Funeral Since They’re Not ‘Here For the Kids’

When it comes to Democrats saying stupid, horrible, no good things, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) successfully takes the lead. 

While speaking at the House Judiciary in support of a package of bills to reduce gun violence, Swalwell horrifically accused Republicans of celebrating the Uvalde shooter who killed 19 kids and two adults, just because they advocate for American’s rights to own and defend themselves with a gun. 


When it was his turn to talk, Swalwell spewed disgusting, out-of-line words about Republicans as if people actually care what he has to say. 

"We’re supposed to be the protectors. We’re supposed to be here for the kids. And so to my colleagues today who flew in town, came to work, got ready to argue … my question is, why did you come here at all? Why did you come here at all? If you’re not here for the children, why don’t you go to the funeral of the killer? Because that’s the only place where the killer is being celebrated. We’re here to get things done and protect our kids. What’s your job? I yield back.”

To top it off, Swalwell took to social media to tweet a photo of Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fla.) holding a gun, and of course without context, said: “This is who Republicans are. Kids are being buried and they’re bragging about how many guns they own during our gun safety hearing. They are not serious. They are a danger to our kids.”


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