Dem Reps Voice Opposition to Speaker Pelosi's 'HEROES' Act

Posted: May 15, 2020 2:10 PM
Dem Reps Voice Opposition to Speaker Pelosi's 'HEROES' Act

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

As her lower chamber is prepared to vote on Speaker Pelosi’s 1,815 page coronavirus relief package, totaling $3 trillion, Democrats are voicing opposition to the speaker’s legislation. Criticized as a partisan “wish list” by Republicans, Speaker Pelosi’s “HEROES Act” was crafted in secret and its contents are largely unrelated to COVID-19 relief. The bill is dead-on-arrival in the Senate, and Leader McConnell dubbed Speaker Pelosi’s legislation as an “unserious effort.”

The criticism of Speaker Pelosi's bill is now bipartisan, as some Democrats are reportedly unsupportive of the HEROES Act. 

The hyper-partisan "HEROES" Act is expected to pass Speaker Pelosi's majority, with bipartisan opposition; the legislation is promised to not move forward in the upper chamber.

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