NYT Refuses to Publish Dershowitz's Defense of Trump

Posted: Jul 19, 2017 12:00 PM

The New York Times recently refused to publish liberal Alan Dershowitz’s op-ed in defense of President Trump. Dershowitz, an avid supporter of two-time presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, is well-known in cable news and legal commentary, and has appeared in conservative and liberal outlets alike, including CNN, The Washington Post, Washington Times, Fox News and the Times itself.

In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Dershowitz discussed his multiple attempts to contact editors at the Times and his belief that the once-unbiased newspaper looks exclusively for certain opinions to publish.

"I said that I thought the readers of the New York Times were entitled to hear or read the other side of the issue whether there were crimes committed...And I really do think The New York Times does not want its readers to hear an alternative point of view on the issue of whether or not Trump administration is committing crimes,” he said of the op-ed he submitted to the Times, offering a different point of view.

On Fox News, Dershowitz broke with Democrats and their claim that Donald Trump Jr. broke the law amidst his meetings with Russian lawyers, citing the campaign finance policy language that bars acceptance of items of “value” from foreign nations for the sake of a campaign.

Even left-leaning outlets such as The Washington Post publish diverse opinions from Dershowitz and others on the Left and Right, but The New York Times seems to have a strict agenda, only publishing scathing op-eds which defame the president.

Watch Alan Dershowitz rip the Democrats’ Russia narrative here

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