Kamala Harris Gets Speaking Privileges Suspended After Interrupting Rosenstein In Hearing

Posted: Jun 07, 2017 4:00 PM
Kamala Harris Gets Speaking Privileges Suspended After Interrupting Rosenstein In Hearing

Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) exercised his privilege as chair to suspend a committee member from speaking in this morning’s Senate Intel hearing. Kamala Harris (D-CA), had her speaking privileges revoked after her consistent interruption of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, while he was attempting to answer Harris’s questions.

Senator Harris questioned Rosenstein about the potential for Director Mueller to be fired, and whether he would endorse Mueller to be fully independent, based on the authority of the assistant attorney general. Rosenstein began to answer Harris’s question, citing his full confidence in the integrity of Mueller and that he would indeed say that the Director was fully independent, until Harris interrupted him and began a soliloquy about whether or not she is assured that Mueller is independent:

 “Sir, if I may, the greater assurance is not that you and I believe in Mueller’s integrity…it is that you would put in writing an indication based on your authority as the acting attorney general that he was full independence.”

 Before Rosenstein could give his full explanation of why he fully endorses Mueller’s independence in the investigation, Harris interrupted the witness again. By this point, Senator Burr, chairman of the committee, had enough of Harris’s interruptions; Senator Harris’s speaking privileges on the floor were suspended and Burr gave the witness the opportunity to answer the questions to the fullest extent that Rosenstein see fit.

 “The truth is, I have a lot of experience with these issues and I could speak for a very long time about it,” Rosenstein said to the committee after Chairman Burr gave him the opportunity to answer the questions asked of him.

Cue sexism claims from the Left.

Watch Senator Burr suspend Senator Harris's speaking privileges here: