School Cancels Girls Basketball Trip to AZ Over Immigration Law

Posted: May 13, 2010 9:17 PM
From Fox News Chicago:

The Highland Park girls varsity basketball team came off their biggest season in years, only to experience what may be their biggest disappointment of the year.

The controversial immigration law in Arizona has cost them a chance to play in a tournament there in December. District 113 administrators canceled the trip, citing safety concerns.

Safety concerns?  When did the state of Arizona turn into the set of an old Western movie? Do they think there are lawless, gun-toting outlaws and their ruthless posses riding into town with the tumbleweeds? Puh-lease.

"It's very frustrating because we started raising money, planning how we're gonna make more money to get to go here," said junior guard Lauren Evans. "We all are excited, and then to be told we can't go is disappointing and upsetting."

Some in Highland Park believe the district is playing politics. Girls on the team just hate being caught in the middle.

"Their reasoning doesn't make any sense to me," said junior center Marguerite Biagi. "I believe it's unfair and shouldn't impact our playing basketball."

She is hoping the district will reconsider the decision, because she doesn't believe a boycott by her school, as she calls it, will impact the situation in Arizona.

But some other students who are not on the team think the district is making the right call.

"I understand it's very disappointing for the basketball team to not be able to go to Arizona, but I also understand whey [sic] they're doing it, they're trying to make a statement," said junior Julia Webb.

Exactly.  And because some self-righteous school administrator has decided that a trip to Arizona is "not aligned with our values," the students--who have worked hard for this opportunity--are the ones who have to suffer.  If I were a parent in this district, I'd be outraged.