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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, speaking to California's Democratic Party state convention in Los Angeles on Saturday, gleefully announced that Democrats in Washington are
close to completing President Barack Obama’s “blueprint for American prosperity.”

“We have passed two of the three pillars in the historic healthcare and education reform and are working towards a clean energy and climate agenda in Congress,” she said. “And essential to prosperity for middle-income Americans is reining in Wall Street.” (Sounds more like four pillars, but whatevs.)

As Democrats press forward with new regulations for Wall Street this week (beginning with Obama making another speech in New York on Thursday), it's interesting to reflect on Obama's "blueprint" and what it means for the country as a whole and individuals' liberty.  So far they have worked to controll how we live our lives (via Obamacare), how we think (controlling higher-ed lending) and are working to control a number of other aspects of lives through carbon taxation coming down the pike.  Regulatory reform will further let them sink their claws into controlling capitalism and our "free" market system.

Perhaps the worst insult is the fact that Democrats pursue these radical agenda items and force them through despite widespread public opposition, all the while claiming they are doing what's best for the country: the audacity of deceit.

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