Senator Calls for Investigation of Al Gore/Climategate

Posted: Feb 23, 2010 2:46 PM
Senator James Inhofe, R-Okla., today requested an Obama administration investigation into "the greatest scientific scandal of our generation" -- the climategate email scandal and subsequent revelations that have suggested man-made global warming alarmists had stronger political motives than scientific ethical standards.  Inhofe has also called for alarmist in chief Al Gore to be called back to Capitol Hill to testify.  Pajamas Media has the story:
Senator Inhofe is asking the Department of Justice to investigate whether there has been research misconduct or criminal actions by the scientists involved, including Dr. Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University and Dr. James Hansen of Columbia University and the NASA Goddard Institute of Space Science.

This report, obtained exclusively by Pajamas Media before today’s hearing, alleges:

[The] Minority Staff of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works believe the scientists involved may have violated fundamental ethical principles governing taxpayer-funded research and, in some cases, federal laws. In addition to these findings, we believe the emails and accompanying documents seriously compromise the IPCC -backed “consensus” and its central conclusion that anthropogenic emissions are inexorably leading to environmental catastrophes.

Since we've seen a number of climate alarmists' claims retracted over the past few months--including most recently the prediction that Himalayan glaciers would disappear--it's about time a member of Congress stood up and demanded answers, especially since the Obama administration is unrelenting on its promises to institute cap-and-trade.

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